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Charms & Spirit Bracelets

To beautifully capture the Bryn Mawr spirit, the Parents’ Association proudly presents the BMS Spirit Bracelet. Finely crafted in sterling silver with beautifully detailed charms, the BMS Spirit Bracelet reflects each Bryn Mawr girl’s unique experience during her school years. Charms include specific grades, athletics, arts, and activities. This year we proudly introduce our new Little School Spirit Bracelet charm!

The charms evoke Bryn Mawr moments and traditions that have a special place in each Bryn Mawr girl’s life. Each grade has a custom-designed charm that represents a particular event or lasting memory from that year. As girls add charms during their years at Bryn Mawr, this truly unique bracelet grows to encompass the spirit and traditions that are part of the school and part of each girl’s individual experience.

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Additional Forms:


Little School Charm

Crafted in sterling silver, a young girl gleefully riding a playground “trike” captures the playful spirit of every Bryn Mawr Little School child.

Kindergarten Charm

The kindergarten charm celebrates the joy of Bryn Mawr friendships in a delightful sterling charm of three girls holding hands.

Pre-First Grade Charm

A sparkling silver book and pencil mark your daughter’s delight in learning as she begins her BMS education in pre-first grade.

First-Grade Charm

Celebrate the fun of being in first grade with a lovely daisy charm, the Bryn Mawr School flower.

Second-Grade Charm

What better way to remember the Pioneer Days unit in the second grade than with an adorable pioneer wagon charm!

Third-Grade Charm

Our third-grade girls show their Bryn Mawr spirit with their very first Maypole Dance. This graceful and elegant charm of a dancer was created from a life model.

Fourth-Grade Charm

Global studies and the exploration of international cultures continue in fourth grade with the International Bazaar. An exquisite spinning globe charm makes a perfect Bryn Mawr memento.

Fifth-Grade Charm

Echo Hill on the Eastern Shore is every fifth-grade girl’s fondest memory as she wraps up her lower school years at Bryn Mawr. Hold on to the memories with a charming Echo Hill tent.

Sixth-Grade Charm

Sixth-grade girls take a big step through the Owl Gate to mark the beginning of their middle school years. A detailed Owl Gate charm is a lovely way to celebrate the next stage of her Bryn Mawr journey.

Seventh-Grade Charm

New York, New York! Seventh-grade girls will remember their class trip and the best of the Big Apple with a special silver apple charm.

Eighth-Grade Charm

The popular Latin Day tradition that our eighth-grade girls share together culminates in a fun chariot race competition. Girls can keep the classics and their fun Latin memories alive with a silver model of an ancient Roman chariot.

Ninth-Grade Charm

Ninth-grade girls perform the Sword Dance every year at Gym Drill, a momentous occasion as they begin their high school studies. Celebrate the grandest of Bryn Mawr traditions with a charm designed from an actual Sword Dance performed at Gym Drill.

Tenth-Grade Charm

The Ring Dance in tenth grade is a wonderful occasion for the girls to receive and wear their Bryn Mawr School rings for the first time. A beautiful miniature of the ring charm has been created for the BMS Spirit Bracelet.

Eleventh-Grade Charm

Bryn Mawr Upper School girls build friendships and enjoy classes “across the bridges” as part of the tri-school curriculum. A tiny silver foot bridge charm commemorates the day-to-day life of an active eleventh-grade student.

Twelfth-Grade Charm

Bryn Mawr seniors are full of wisdom and ready for the world. Their wonderful achievement and the light of their learning are celebrated through a beautiful owl charm with gleaming golden eyes.

These Bryn Mawr Spirit Bracelet charms as well as specialty charms celebrating Mawrtian sports, activities, and clubs are available year-round, at the Bryn Mawrket. Prices for sterling silver charms range from $20. 14K-gold charms are available by special order. Most charms can be engraved with the school year, if desired.